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Financial Consultant of Indonesia first started offering executive search (headhunting) services in Indonesia in 2005 and has since become one of the most recognized and respected recruitment companies in the emerging economy. From its headquarters in Jakarta, FC Indonesia’s specialist executive search teams track the best talent in the market in the consumer goods, health, industrial, professional and technology industries.

Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country and third-largest democracy. Its archipelago covers more than 17,500 islands and is home to more than a quarter million people, 28 million of whom live in the Greater Jakarta area (Jabodetabek). Eighty-six percent of the population are Muslim, making it the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation.

Indonesia has a growing middle class, and does not face the issues related to the aging populations of countries such as Japan and South Korea. The economy is the biggest in Southeast Asia and has seen strong gross domestic product (GDP) growth of between 5.0 and 6.5 percent for more than a decade. 

The positive outlook of Indonesia has seen local companies grow and many multinational companies enter the market. Searching out and identifying senior-level professionals in Indonesia has never been an easy task; a situation that and has become increasingly challenging as Indonesia continues to deliver continued strong economic growth.

While Indonesia continues to have an oversupply of unskilled labour and entry-level people, with relatively low employment costs, the same cannot be said for skilled professionals and managerial-level talent. In recent years, the increased demand for skilled professionals has resulted in rapid career progression for Indonesian professionals and ever rising salaries at this level.

The reason for the shortage of skilled professionals can largely be attributed to the quality of education made available by the government, which is not at the level to meet the demands of Indonesian employers. 

The shortfall in skilled professionals means that having a well-connected executive search partner is essential. With Financial Consultant of Indonesia’s deep understanding and wide business networks in Jakarta and Indonesia, the Company is well positioned to deliver the best talent to its clients.

Financial Consultant of Indonesia is an Indonesia based leading finanacial investment company having interests across various sectors including: Healthcare Education Infrastructure Retail Real estate Financial Services Communication Power & Energy Technology.

 The company has made a substantial contribution to the diversification of the Indonesia economy and the development of government and private sector joint initiatives Financial Consultant of Indonesia Provides assistance with the purchase or leasing of credit enhancements, corporate and debt instruments such as; Loan, Bank Guarantees (BGs), Medium Terms Notes (MTNs), Standby Letter of Credits (SBLCs), Project Finance and Funding.

We also provide HYIP & Offshore & Anonymous Bank account opening services with UK , HK , UAE , Switzerland and Poland Banks. Currently, Financial Consultant of Indonesia is looking for brokers and financial consultants that will work with us as our agents and representative.